Testimonals on our Baby Products

“I wanted to say thanks for making such a great product. We live in Melbourne, and understandably, winter is not a walk in the park. Without the wheel size and the lightweight stability, we would be house-bound for most of the winter. Despite the bone chilling temperatures of the past week, we are looking forward to a small reprieve and the opportunity to once again be out and about.

“Both my son and daughter love riding in this stroller and regularly nap as we tour town with the dog in tow. The snow and wind do not seem to bother them at all, and although I can't say the same for me, I do appreciate this stroller with every snow crunching step!”

Karen M.

“Paco never liked being in a stroller. Now that we have the Performance 20'', he loves going on a tour with me. And I can finally do everything I like again and going to town is so much easier. I'm really happy with my Baby Jogger. On top of that, in France, where we live, it is a bit special to have a Baby Jogger and people don't stop asking me about it :)”


“My son Noah NEVER slept in the stroller until we purchased the Baby Jogger about a month ago. We walk an hour or two a day and so I had been searching a long time for a comfortable stroller for both of us. I'm very petite, and wanted a lightweight, easy-to-fold stroller with adjustable handlebars. The Baby Jogger is amazing!”

Kari P.

“Ava loves her Baby Jogger no matter what the weather may bring!  Yesterday it was in the 80s and humid and today it was in the 50s and rainy. We used the Foot Muff for the first time and Ava was toasty warm. We go jogging almost every day and Ava smiles throughout the whole trip!”

Andrea J.

“This triplet Q series baby jogger has absolutely saved me and my husband and made having triplets a little easier and more enjoyable because they just love riding in it and it helps us put them to sleep. All five of us wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts and say how much we are looking forward to next couple of years with our stroller on all of our happy journeys together as a family.”

The Nezaj Family

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